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Beijing Feiyashi Technology Development Co.,Ltd. was registered in the Technology Development Zone of Haidian District and now located in Daxing Industry Development Zone. We have been in green and environmentally sound industry for years, that is why we were chosen to be the partner of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games and the Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of P.R.C... Our main product series are professional LED studio light series, which are CE & ROHS Certificated. Socanland LED studio light series have gained great popularity both at home and abroad, and we have got customers from all over the world, such as America, Canada, Germany, England, France... Research and development are always highly emphasized in order to follow the latest steps in professional LED studio light industry. Socanland is the first one in China to develop Bi-color LED studio light series and the first in the world to develop 300 x 600(100W) LED studio light series......Improvements …

Flexible FL-640
100S DMX512
50TD DMX512
100TD DMX512
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