100TD (YSMG-L322/562-100)




Bi-Color (Daylight 5700K to Tungsten 3150K & anywhere in between)

The fixtures can vary the mix between tungsten and daylight LEDs to set the resulting color temperature to any point between 3150°K and 5700°K by hand or by 5-pin DMX512.


a)      Volume about:315mm×718mm×70mm
b)     Power:100Wx2
c)      Control:5-pin DMX512 / Hand
d)     Color temperature:3,150K~5,700K
e)     Lighting Output:6,900 lux/1m
f)       CRI: more than 96 / TLCI: more than 98
g)     Dimmer: 0~100%
h)     LED light life:50,000 hours
i)       Input power:    
Camcorder battery: DC14.8V
Adapter:4pins standard socket 4“+”1“-”
The power supply mounting plate is fixed on the back of the light. Please choose V-lock mounting plate and Anton bauer mounting plate
The accessories barndoors and filter can be added in the fixture.
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